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01 16:09:49 SociopathDNB LIVE! [Cemeterical Symmetries] Ronin Selecta aim:soundbwoy734 $

02 16:08:49 SociopathDNB [Cemeterical Symmetries] Ronin Selecta aim:soundbwoy734 $

03 16:06:51 Holdtight - Mr. Brown $

04 16:00:10 Danny Byrd - Rise Again $

05 14:01:17 Hangover Hotline w/DJ Lamebrane LIVE! $

06 14:01:03 The Funktastics - Girl Says Ha $

07 14:00:51 - Worldwide Drum and Bass $

08 11:02:17 EW Live from NJ hosted by Overfiend [aim: overfiend909] $

09 11:00:22 D Bridge - Love's Ugly Child $

10 09:31:00 Show LIVE Hosted by BrokenDrum $

11 09:30:01 Basic Operations - Day After Tomorrow $

12 09:24:00 The Kox - Its OK $

13 09:24:00 - Worldwide Drum and Bass $

14 08:59:32 Show LIVE Hosted by BrokenDrum $

15 06:58:57 Sheer Velocity Radio - hosted by Soultec $

16 04:59:48 Vital Habits Show April 14th 2014 - hosed by Beepo and Mental Chemisty $

17 04:59:37 - Worldwide Drum and Bass $

18 03:00:18 The Mixtest April 16th 2014 - hosted by Micken $

19 02:55:36 Calibre - Got A Thing $

20 01:54:51 Translation Sound April 7th 2014 - hosted by Rogue State $

+ 03.24.12

+ 11.26.11

+ 07.07.11

Exclusive Miami Sessions VIP Pack Available!.
Get yours before they're gone!

+ 07.01.11

Bassdrive proudly presents Bassdrive UK Club Night.
Get down early to avoid disappointment!!!

+ 04.04.10

BassDrive proudly presents BassDriveTunes.
Check out our latest releases today!

+ 03.08.10

@ Heathrow Lounge | Miami Beach, FL
Saturday, March 27, 2010 | 10:00 PM - 5:00 AM EST
Ticket Pre-Sale ends 3/27/2010. Get yours today!.

+ 03.04.10

+ 06.26.09

Offical BassDrive Slipmats now available.

+ 05.7.09

Click here for our exclusive WMC 2009 package.

+ 04.3.09

Didn't make it WMC this year? No problem, you can pretend you
were there by going here.

+ 03.3.09

Trouble tuning in? Away from home? Try our WEB PLAYER!

+ 03.1.09

BassDrive now Supports AAC+ and WMA streaming formats!
AAC+ is a high efficiency format for limited bandwidth connection
and perfect for smartphone streaming. Try it - it sounds GREAT!
You can find our Windows Media Player stream HERE.

+ 07.1.08

BassDrive T-Shirts Available!!
You've asked for them and here they are. Get them while they're hot!
BassDrive Store

+ 10.23.07

BassDrive T-Shirts are coming back!!

Back by popular demand we are currently working on the next run of Bassdrive apparel. Watch out for a brand new T-Shirt design and much more to follow! Watch this space for more details!!

+ 10.22.07

BassDrive WMC Showcase version 2.0!!

After the massive success of last years WMC event, we have decided to bring back a bigger and better WMC showcase!! Keep a look out for more details to follow!!

+ 09.01.07

We are very proud to announce the latest additions to Bassdrive's growing list of high caliber programming !!

I'd like to announce four new shows that were added recently! Tuesdays' see three brand new additons to the lineup!! From 5-7PM we present "The Rocksteady Show" hosted by: Kapacity & Adam Form!! From 7-9PM we present "Chicago Style" hosted by: Pipeline!! and from 9-11pm we present "Future Flavaz" hosted by: Dyer, LT Smash & Dank One!! Wednesday gets a very big addition by adding one of Drum & Bass's icons Random Movement, hosting his own 3 hour block from 5-8pm known as "Random Movement Radio" !! Friday sees some top notch talent with the addition of "BIOS Recordings Show" hosted by: DJ Amaning!! And last, but certainly not least Sunday's get a powerful boost from one of Philly's top dogs, please welcome "Fuzed Funk" hosted by: Jason maGin!! ALL TIMES CST - CHECK SCHEDULE

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